The system

ALiSENSOR® Level is a geometric measurement and alignment system. The measurement unit communicate wirelessly (Bluetooth) with an iPad or iPhone. The ALiSENSOR® Level offers the user a quick startup, a large color display, and unique functions like camera, e-mail and internet connectivity. The system consists of a sensor unit and an iOS unit (iPod/iPhone or iPad). Typical measurement applications is straightness, inclination and squareness with accuracy often acquired by machine workshops. The ALiSENSOR® Level is a modern machinist's level.


The ALiSENSOR™ Straightness app also has the ability to show true inclination and relative inclination or parallelism. In the latter case the operator simply press “0” when the sensor unit is placed on the reference object. Then all measurements will be shown in relation to the set object hence parallelism of the two objects.


Everywhere in the app the ability to change units is present. All major units to show angles and inclination is available, deg, minutes, seconds, mm/m, inch/foot etc. Also in the settings of base length between each point of a straightness measurements, there is a choice of units in order to make the ALiSENSOR™ Level as universal as possible.