Shaft Alignment
for ALiSENSOR® ShaftLaser®

The Shaft Alignment for ALiSENSOR® ShaftLaser® app is dedicated to working wirelessly with the ALiSENSOR® ShaftLaser® hardware. This app combined with the hardware composes a complete laser based shaft alignment system. A wide range of alignments of rotating machinery can be performed with the system.


Intuitive User Interface

New users will literally perform shaft alignments within minutes.

Quick Three Point Alignment Measurements

Follow the guidance of the app and perform a full 9-12-3 measurement, or perform a limited rotation measurement with as low as 20+20 degrees.

Automatically Generated Alignment Report

A PDF report is available instantly after the alignment has been done. Complete with the "As Found" and "As Corrected" measurements, the tolerances, the dimensions of the machine, photo, your custom company logo. It is ready for you to sign (on screen) and then print, e-mail or upload to the cloud.

User Interface